About us

Tekkel is a group of eCommerce branding experts who are passionate about marketing, sourcing, and branding. Our successful team of creative and savvy entrepreneurs focuses on environmental friendly manufacturing operations and scalability. Our specialty is marketing products that are in high demand and giving it a unique niche while providing smart and cost-efficient ways to source the product in multiple countries.

We specialize in product and packaging design to make sure that your merchandise is presentable. We also provide product photograph, making sure that what you’re selling looks just as good online as it will once they hold it in their hands. We provide service and support helping you through the process with quality assurance issues.

The Ecolusive, Lushrobe, ShawlBliss and Urbamboo line of accessories and intimate apparel are luxury products manufactured in Turkey where the finest fabrics are woven. Tekkel makes these quality products available to retail stores, hotels, spas, and other companies at wholesale costs. In addition to affordable wholesale distribution, Tekkell also sells to end-users. Individual consumers can bring the luxury of fine Turkish fabric into their home as well by purchasing one or more of our products.

Product Sourcing

We specialize in smart and cost-efficient product sourcing in multiple countries.

Eco Friendly Manufacturing

We focus on environmental-friendly manufacturing and operations scalability.

eCommerce Branding

We are experts in eCommerce branding and distribution via various worldwide sales platforms/channels.