Lushrobe Cumbus Turkish Cotton Heavyweight Towel (700 GSM)
Lushrobe Dione Lightweight Turkish Towel (700 GSM)
Lushrobe Batik Turkish Cotton Heavyweight Towel (700 GSM)

Lushrobe Cumbus Turkish Cotton Heavyweight Towel (700 GSM)

Turkish cotton is considered to be one of the best cottons in the world. LushRobe towels are manufactured in Istanbul where artisans skillfully sew in a pliable count of quality cotton. This results in a smooth finish that will extend the life of the fabric for years to come and preserve its vibrant colors. Lushrobe’s towels are made of 100% natural Turkish cotton and comes in a variety of colors and exclusive design patterns.

LushRobe towels will add a new level of sophistication to any bathroom, spa, country club, resort, or any business operation that can benefit from a bulk supply of affordable luxury towels. Great for vacationing! These towels are extremely absorbent, allowing for supreme comfort and luxury. They are heavyweight, yet fast drying so they won’t mold. LushRobe’s towels are washer/dryer safe, but we recommend that you wash on the delicate wash setting.

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