Urbamboo Seamless Tights Leggings
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Urbamboo Seamless Capri Tights Leggings

Urbamboo Seamless Tights Leggings


  • Made from 90% polyamide and 10% elastane
  • Flexible and breathable fabric
  • Soft & comfy
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Product Information

Urbamboo’s Seamless Tights Leggings are every girl’s dream. They provide sufficient coverage of the legs and buttox areas, and are stretchy enough to fit most without being too constricting. These leggings are perfect to wear under dresses or skirts or, for lazy days, can be worn with sweatshirts or t-shirts. Seamless leggings by Urbamboo are great for layering too.

If you’re headed to the slopes or out for a run, try wearing these leggings under sweatpants, snowpants, or running shorts. Made from 90% polyamide and 10% elastane, these leggings are tightly threaded to provide great coverage, but are breathable too. So don’t worry about over-heating or being too cold.

Customers who purchase this product from Urbamboo are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. If the product is not what you expected or you are unhappy with it upon arrival, then send it back to Urbamboo for a full refund or exchange it with us and we’ll send you a brand new item.

We supply Seamless Tights Leggings in medium and large sizes, and the color options available are black, charcoal, and navy.

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