Where to Find Wholesale Handkerchiefs Online
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Where to Find Wholesale Handkerchiefs Online

If you’re looking to buy wholesale handkerchiefs online, there are a lot of places you can shop. But there are a few things you should know, since not all wholesalers are created equal. Getting the best price and the best quality in the quantity you need can take a little bit of time, but it will be worth the effort.

Watch Out for Wholesalers Who Retail

If you do a Google search for ‘wholesale handkerchiefs,’ you’ll come up with a lot of results. But many of these results will not be for wholesalers at all. They’ll be for retailers offering ‘wholesale prices,’ or words to that effect. Many companies call themselves wholesalers when they are not true wholesalers at all.

Here’s an easy way to make sure you’re dealing with a wholesaler who actually does provide wholesale prices. If you can buy one of something, the company you’re buying from is a retailer. Some items may come in a multi-pack, like three pairs of socks, but if you can buy just one multi-pack, you’re buying from a retailer.

Pay Attention to How They Price Products

Here’s another tip. A retailer will give you the same price regardless of the quantity you buy. If you buy one handkerchief, then it’s $1.99. If you buy 60, then they’re $1.99 each. A wholesaler will go down the more you buy per unit.

Another difference is that a wholesaler will likely quote you a price for your order rather than displaying a price on their website. This is because wholesalers will oftentimes negotiate a price, factoring in things like shipping costs and the probability of future business.

Some companies sell at both retail and wholesale, but they should price their products differently depending on the market. If you’re buying from a company that doesn’t differentiate, you’re probably paying the retail price for a wholesale order, and that will cut into your margins.

Don’t Pay Sales Tax

If you are reselling the handkerchiefs you buy wholesale, you should not be paying sales tax on them. Sales tax is only collected once, when the retail customer purchases the product. If you are reselling a product, even if you don’t change it at all, you should not pay sales tax. If you are a retailer, you should collect sales tax from the consumer.

Value-Added Services

In some cases, a wholesaler may be able to provide you with additional services as well. Some wholesalers can monogram handkerchiefs for restaurants, or they may be able to package them for you. They may be able to combine colors and package them in sets. Talk with your wholesaler about what you want and you may find they can do some of the work for you, for less than you could do it for.

Finding a wholesaler for handkerchiefs is easy, but finding the best wholesaler for your particular needs requires a little more work. Contact the textile manufacturers at Tekkell. View our wholesale products and talk to a representative about customizing your wholesale order. Call 305-767-4249, or contact us online today!