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Order Wholesale Custom Swag Tote Bags

Wholesale Custom Tote Bags for Promotional Swag GearYou can never have enough tote bags. There are so many uses for the tote bag in daily life. Having a stack of them in the car ready for grocery shopping is an environmentally conscious way to shop. Keeping a bag or two folded in your purse ensures that you are ready for the moment when browsing turns into picking up a few things.

Different Uses for Tote Bags

The tote bag is a great carryall for your change of shoes, clothes and toiletries for work, and one is essential for carrying your lunch. How about a tote or two for all your library books? Carrying extra snacks and juice packs in the car when running errands with the kids is a cinch with a tote bag or two. Life is just a bit easier with some spare tote bags, and when they are durable and attractive—so much the better!

So when you think of swag for your company, think of tote bags. People will keep and use your bags and will see your custom logo on these bags daily. When you think of placing an order for custom wholesale swag tote bags, think of Tekkell. Tekkell is your wholesale swag tote bag headquarters. We design our textile products in the fashion world of Miami while creating them in their own manufacturing plant in Turkey. This blends the best of both worlds—Miami fashion and European craftsmanship. Tekkell’s Ecolusive line of tote bags is a wonderful choice for gifts as well, whether it’s from Tekkell stock or customized.

Ecolusive: An Eco-Friendly Tote

A Tekkell tote bag from our Ecolusive line of tote bags is also an eco-friendly choice. The beautiful bag was envisioned as part of the solution to environmental waste. Using the bag rather than paper or plastic options will help the earth, but the bag itself was created with thought to the wise use of product. No chemicals are added during the design process, and about one-third less ink is used in the creating of the graphics as is typically used.

Ecolusive tote bags are made from a sturdy blend of cotton and polyester, yet when placing an order that feature may be customized. It is possible to customize a private label of bags that suits your needs perfectly. The bags are beautiful as originally created by Tekkell with a range of sizes and a variety of patterns and colors, yet whatever you envision for your own brand is likely possible. Tekkell consultants will need a high resolution of your graphic or artwork to create the swag tote bags that’s perfect for your marketing, fundraising, or retail merchandising.

The Need and Practicality of the Tote

There can be no better functional item than the tote bag when it comes to swag. Everyone needs a tote bag at some time. We all have stuff to carry. Why not have people carrying their stuff in a tote bag with your brand displayed proudly for all to see?  Tekkell consultants are standing by to discuss your custom order of wholesale swag tote bags. Contact us online, or call us directly at 305-767-4279 today!