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Distributor of Wholesale Custom Fashion Scarves for Retail StoresThe Scarf in Western Culture

The scarf’s most important role in Western culture is as a fashion accessory. The history of the scarf as a fashion element dates to the 19th century. Lightweight silk and cashmere shawls, finely woven in India, were at the vanguard of scarf fashion. Emperor Napoleon’s wife, Empress Josephine, had an especially vast collection due to Napoleon’s travels. This delight in scarves and shawls trickled down in society to those of more modest means and thus more affordable fabric.
Scarves can signify status similar to other high fashion pieces. Houses of fashion are known for sending signature scarves as gifts of thanks to loyal clients, and scarves by famous designers such as the American, Vera, are sought-after collectors’ items. Renowned designers of quality leather goods such as the Italian houses of Ferragamo, Gucci, and Fendi create elegant, in-demand scarves of excellent quality, and the French house of Hermes is the epitome of excellence and refinement in scarf fashion today.

The Quality of Tekkell Scarves and Shawls

In contemporary fashion, scarves and shawls signify taste and chic. A woman or man who wears a fine scarf with panache possesses a certain air of sophistication and grace. The Tekkell scarves and shawls from their Shawlbliss line are designed in Miami, home of many fine fashion designers. Shawlbliss scarves and shawls are made in Tekkell’s own textile plant in Turkey where quality is assured. Tekkell’s Shawlbliss textile fashion accessories combine the on-point fashion of Miami with the superior craftsmanship of Europe.

Design Your Own Line of Scarves with Tekkell

Tekkell can produce scarves and shawls branded uniquely to your business at a wholesale price. If you don’t see a design appropriate for your needs and customers, work with Tekkell to custom design your own line even with your own label embroidered in the scarf or shawl. With Tekkell’s textile manufacturing plant, the resources are available to create whatever design you can imagine. The look and quality rivals top designers, yet you purchase at a discount price.

Tekkell Scarves and Shawls In Your Retail Business

There are many ways a business can benefit from Tekkell Shawlbliss scarves and shawls. A line of scarves created with one’s customer base in mind and reflecting the personality of the retail business itself is sure to be successful. Women and men are wearing scarves almost daily. Scarves reflect their personalities and moods. Pet lovers are especially fond of wearing animal-themed clothing. Readers, foodies, and sports fans are already wearing themed scarves.
While a line of unique, branded scarves and shawls can be revenue-generating items for the retail shop, they can also be creative thank you gifts for loyal customers. Your retail shop can echo the fine fashion house tradition of bestowing the gift of a signature scarf upon a loyal customer at holiday time. You can custom design this scarf created with the quality and range of the Tekkell line of Shawlbliss scarves and shawls.

To start your own line of custom fashion scarves, contact us online, or call us directly at 305-767-4279.