5 Reason Why Your Customers Need Canvas Tote Bags
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5 Reason Why Your Customers Need Canvas Tote Bags

We make our busy lives much easier when we ease our routine tasks by even a small amount. Sometimes the most effective things we can do to improve our lives are the simplest things we can do! We all want to stay on top of our to-do lists while looking at the bigger picture of our bucket lists.

Canvas Tote Bags

We strive for better organization in all areas of our lives. Carrying a durable, attractive tote bag suited for each task can make our days go more smoothly and keep us better organized. When we approach our “must do” tasks in an elegant way, we eliminate quite a lot of mental and physical stress.

The unassuming canvas tote bag has many uses for your customers as they go about their full lives each day. Here are five key reasons why your customers need canvas tote bags.

1. Grocery Tote

Having a stack of totes at the ready for groceries is a green way to live. More and more consumers are recycling and thinking consciously about their decisions’ impact upon Earth. By using a tote bag for groceries, consumers can have a reusable option for their fruits, veggies, pantry products and other goods while not having to think about whether it is better to choose paper or plastic bags during check-out.

2. Carryall

There are so many things we need to carry along with us to and from work such as our lunch, snacks, water bottle, a change of shoes, clothing, toiletries, reading material and more. A smart and sturdy tote bag dedicated to work is a perfect carryall.

3. Car Caddy

Whether you have kids or not, taking snacks and drinks along in the car is a good idea. You never know when traffic may delay your trip. You will be prepared with a tote you keep in the car.

4. Book Bag

Book lovers never have enough totes for their books and library patrons need one or more for their library materials. Totes for carrying books save you money on overdue fines because your books will be kept in one place and ready to go back to the library.

5. Beach Bag

A canvas tote bag makes the best beach bag. Fill it with your sun protection, sunglasses, sandals, towel, keys and a snack, and you are ready to head to the shore! Keep a dedicated tote bag just for the beach and you will save time packing.

The Tekkell’s Ecolusive Tote Bag

Having a unique tote for each use is easy with 100% cotton totes by Tekkell. The Ecolusive line of totes offers a variety of sizes, colors and designs with the opportunity for you to create a custom canvas tote bag with your own branding. Tekkell offers you top quality bags at wholesale prices. Your customers will have a bag suitable for every purpose.

The tote bags are made in Tekkell’s private plant in Turkey using environmentally conscious processes. No chemicals are added during the manufacturing process. The graphic design procedure employs a third less ink than is customary in production.

The sturdy, stylish bags satisfy multiple customer needs with one eco-friendly product. Contact us online, or call us directly at 305-767-4249 to see how we can supply you with deluxe canvas tote bags to meet your customers’ varied needs.