4 Quick Tips on Buying Wholesale Shawls in Bulk
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4 Quick Tips on Buying Wholesale Shawls in Bulk

Shawls are a timeless fashion accessory. There’s always room in the wardrobe for one more! They come in so many colors, patterns, styles, and weights that it would impossible to have too many. If you want to buy wholesale shawls in bulk, either for resale in a brick and mortar store or for your eCommerce site, here are a few things you need to know.

1.         The key is to find a distributor that can provide the different kinds of shawls your customers want at an affordable price. Find a provider who has a number of different sources so that you can provide a nice variety of shawls. Some manufacturers only offer one or two types of shawls, so if you want to add variety to your line or find something new for a long-time customer, you’ll have to find a new source. It’s recommended that you use a sourcing expert that works with multiple manufacturers.

2.         Consider more than cost. If you evaluate a supplier only on price, you may get the cheapest wholesale shawls available, but that may not be what your retailers or customers want. Many consumers are very particular about the kind of shawls they prefer to wear. Quality is a high priority.

3.         Aim for a long-term relationship with a supplier you can grow with. When you are looking for a supplier for wholesale shawls in bulk, go into the business agreement assuming that your business will grow. You may increase the number of shawls you are selling, or you may branch out into other products. Either way, you’ll be a step ahead if you already have a supplier.

4.         Find a supplier who can take care of all of your business needs. Dealing with one company that takes on the responsibility for materials, manufacturing, packaging and distribution leaves you free to focus on sales and marketing.

Tekkell. Your Wholesale Supplier for Quality Shawls


If you can find a single company that can source shawls from different manufacturers than run the gamut from light and airy, to bulky and warm, then you’ve found a gem. Finding such a company will let you expand your selection of shawls at will, and probably branch out into other products as well.

Tekkell sources all kinds of textile products for eCommerce businesses. With a focus on quality and variety, Tekkell’s branding experts identify high-demand products and explore sources in multiple countries to provide the most cost-efficient production available. In addition to the product, Tekkell also provides product-packaging design, ensuring that your shawls looks as attractive in the customer’s hand as it did in the picture online.

We also sell shawls, throw blankets, towels, tote bags, handkerchiefs, and more at both wholesale and resale. Tekkell’s products are made from the finest Turkish fabrics and are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. The company prides itself on its relentless dedication to quality at every stage of the process. If you need to source textile products for your business operations, call 35-767-4249 or contact us online today.