Where Can I Get Monogrammed Handkerchiefs in Bulk?
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Where Can I Get Monogrammed Handkerchiefs in Bulk?

There are a number of sources for monogrammed handkerchiefs, and many of them sell in bulk. In order to find the best quality handkerchiefs at the best price, here are a few things to keep in mind.

–             Is It Truly a Bulk Order?

In order to truly be a bulk purchase, both the handkerchief and the monogram must be the same. When this is the case, you can truly get bulk pricing because the monogramming can be done more quickly and uniformly. For example, you may want handkerchiefs for a special occasion like a wedding, and you want the couple’s monogram on all of them. You could purchase these in bulk.

If you are reselling the handkerchiefs, either individually or in packages of two or three, you may also need to order bulk handkerchiefs with the same initial. In this scenario, you can also get bulk pricing as both if the quantity and style ordered are the same.

If you are purchasing the same handkerchief with different monograms, your pricing will not be as attractive. Each handkerchief will have to be monogrammed individually, making it more costly than a bulk monogram. Even so, your price should still be better than purchasing from a retailer.

–             Test the Fabric

When sourcing monogrammed handkerchiefs, quality is of the utmost importance. Handkerchiefs come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, linen, and satin. A high-quality fabric will hold its shape, even after multiple washings. Most importantly, when it comes to a monogrammed handkerchief, it won’t pucker where the monogram has been engraved. This is one of the true tests of a quality fabric.

The quality of the monogramming is a consideration as well. You want the monogram to be clear and crisp. The monogram should not ‘bleed’ on to the handkerchief after it is washed, dried, or ironed. This is particularly important if you have a white or off-white handkerchief that has a black or dark blue monogram.

You also want the initials to be legible. Some varieties of script can be difficult to read or can even cause the reader to mistake the word for another. Be sure to double and triple check the spelling, and just to be sure, have someone else check it too.

–             Order a Sample if You Can

Once you have identified sources for monogrammed handkerchiefs in bulk, contact each supplier to order a sample. Carefully examine the sample to make sure it is the quality you want. Next, wash, dry, and iron the sample handkerchief. Wash it in to make sure it can withstand laundering. Wash the samples several times to see how it holds up after several washings. There should be no bleeding of the color of the monogram, nor should it pucker. The handkerchief itself should maintain it’s size.
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