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How to Bulk Order Customizable Wholesale Fashion Scarves

The fashion scarf is the perfect fashion accessory to stock in your eCommerce or retail store. Oftentimes, they are often an impulse purchase, with customers picking one up at the last minute as the perfect accent for a new outfit, or to compliment jewelry, handbag, or wear as a headdress. They make a great add-on purchase for clothing or accessory stores. If you’re interested ordering a bulk amount of fashion scarves, here’s what you need to know:

~ Quality Counts

When you source customizable wholesale fashion scarves, don’t go solely on price. Make sure the quality of the scarf meets the same standards as the rest of your product assortment. Look for scarves that are well cut so they don’t stretch out of shape when they are washed. Make sure the fringe is tied securely so that it doesn’t detach, even after several multiple uses.
Fashion scarves don’t need to be heavy or bulky. In fact, they can also be light enough to be worn on all but the hottest days. Scarves can be designed with a smooth drape so that it hangs correctly no matter how they are wrapped or tied.

~Look for Unique Packaging

When you order customizable wholesale fashion scarves in bulk, you should be able to specify your packaging. Whether you choose a multi-pack, individual boxes, or individual cardboard sleeves, the packing sends a message about the quality. Make sure your packaging conveys the feel of the fabric and the workmanship that goes into your scarves.

~The More Colors, the Better!

Scarves are unique among fashion accessories. The consumer may want to purchase one in every color. For a retailer, it’s easy to stock a variety of colors, since there is only one size, so you don’t have to be concerned with multiple SKUs for each color.

~The Perfect Add-On Sale

A wide variety of fashion scarves gives you more opportunities to add on to each sale. If you have an eCommerce shop, suggest a scarf when the customer has finished adding items to their cart. Or, use a scarf as a promotion to increase the average ticket. If the customer has $80 worth of product in her cart, you can offer a free or discounted scarf if she brings her order up to $100. There are many opportunities to use a product as ubiquitous as the scarf to boost your sales.

~Save Money When You Buy in Bulk

As a textile wholesale manufacturer, we can design a line of unique scarves with your own branding. Such a purchase like this requires a bulk order. While bulk orders for custom products tend to cost a little more, you’re sure to see a return on investment based on the discount on the unit price.
Tekkell provides high quality customizable scarves that are sourced from a variety of manufacturers. The marketing and branding experts at Tekkell will help you promote and merchandise your scarves for maximum appeal to consumers. You’ll also get these quality scarves at wholesale pricing.

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