Wholesale Maternity Underwear from South Florida Distributor
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Wholesale Maternity Underwear from South Florida Distributor


Tekkell knows heat, being based in South Florida. We also know nothing makes an expectant mother more miserable than heat. That is why we carry the Urbamboo brand maternity underwear. Comfort and support make this line the most sought-after line of maternity underwear.

Cooler Maternity UnderwearWholesale Maternity Underwear from South Florida Distributor

Bamboo has natural wicking abilities which keep you drier than other materials. Bamboo also has natural antimicrobial properties which prevent any embarrassing odors even in the worst heat. Even a day at on the beach will be more comfortable than with synthetic materials.

Bamboo Maternity Underwear

Urbamboo is manufactured with a blend of 85% bamboo and 15% elastane. This special blend gives Urbamboo its natural strength and softness.

Our Urbamboo underwear holds its shape, even after multiple washings.

Seamless Maternity Underwear

Urbamboo is made with a seamless design. This prevents chafing and irritation on sensitive skin. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, and the seamless design compliments this feature, making it the perfect garment for expecting moms. Comfort is a priority when shopping for maternity wear.

Detachable Maternity Wear Straps

All of our Urbamboo maternity tanks and breastfeeding bras feature detachable straps. These straps are not only convenient but comfortable for both mom and baby. We eliminate the struggle found in most maternity garments.

Unsurpassed Maternity Wear Support

The natural elasticity of bamboo gives Urbamboo support that cannot be beaten by any other line. Synthetic materials will stretch out over time, but our maternity items will hold their shape with proper care.

This support is what will sell the items for you. Once a customer tries them, they will return for more.

Easy Care Maternity Wear

Our maternity wear will provide support and comfort over the life of the article with the correct care. We recommend washing on a gentle cycle using a gentle detergent and laying flat to air-dry. This will help the fabric retain its shape and protect the elasticity.

Hand washing is effective as well. Simply wash, rinse well, then air-dry. No special laundry day routines are needed.

Eco-friendly Maternity Underwear

All of our Urbamboo garments are responsibly sourced and will break down naturally. Responsible manufacturing means no inks or dyes to pollute the earth. You can buy wholesale, knowing you are doing your part to preserve the earth.

Brand Your Maternity Wear

With our Urbamboo line, you can easily create brand awareness for your company with our white label option. Simply add your own name or logo and you have your own line of maternity wear.

Wholesale Maternity Underwear Selection

Our line is not restricted to one or two items. We carry maternity tank tops, breastfeeding tank tops, maternity panties, maternity bras, and breastfeeding bras.

All selections are available in nude and come in sizes medium and large.

Ordering Wholesale Maternity Underwear

Call Tekkell at 305-767-4249, and speak with one of our consulting specialists. We look forward to helping you put together your wholesale maternity underwear order.

As your South Florida distributor, we ship from our warehouse directly to your business in about two weeks.

Contact us today and let us be your partner in building your bottom line.