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An Advanced Buying Guide to Sourcing Organic Underwear

An Advanced Buying Guide to Sourcing Organic Underwear

Impress your customers with eco-friendly organic underwear supplied by Tekkell. Stocking organic underwear from Tekkell’s Urbamboo line is good for business and good for the earth. Before you begin sourcing organic underwear, you want to be sure you pick the right supplier. This guide will break down details on why Tekkell’s Urbamboo underwear is a […]

Wholesale Maternity Underwear from South Florida Distributor

Wholesale Maternity Underwear from South Florida Distributor

  Tekkell knows heat, being based in South Florida. We also know nothing makes an expectant mother more miserable than heat. That is why we carry the Urbamboo brand maternity underwear. Comfort and support make this line the most sought-after line of maternity underwear. Cooler Maternity Underwear Bamboo has natural wicking abilities which keep you […]

Wholesale Women’s Leggings and import Prices

Wholesale Women’s Leggings and Import Prices

  Here at Tekkell, we speak the language of fashion. Whether you call them leggings, spanks, shapewear, or even knickers, we have the wholesale women’s leggings you need for your inventory. Women’s Leggings for all Seasons Women’s leggings have been around throughout many fashion trends. They saw the 80’s come and go and are still […]

How to Order Organic Bamboo Underwear at Wholesale Prices

Tekkell can provide your business with organic bamboo underwear at wholesale prices. If you have a boutique, Main Street store, or an online shop, you can profit from stocking this popular underwear. Urbamboo underwear from Tekkell is comfortable, moisture-wicking and good for the environment. Moisture-Wicking Underwear from Urbamboo Tekkell bamboo underwear wicks moisture away from the […]

3 Tips for Sourcing Better Products for Your eCommerce Store

How to Order Wholesale Customized Tote Bags Online

Everyone on the beach in Miami knows you don’t need to sacrifice style simply because you are having fun in the sun. Any shop, whether a physical location or an online boutique, could see successful sales with Tekkell’s Ecolusive line of customized tote bags. They just might become the most versatile items in your inventory. Quality […]

Women Body Shapers: 5 Reasons You Should Purchase Them In Bulk?

Fitness is the style today. Gyms, home exercise equipment, workout apps and videos, and fitness fashion are all the rage. These trends have emphasized the look of the apparel, but not the functionality. At Tekkell, you will find a full range of womens shapewear designed to support comfortably, at reasonable wholesale pricing. Why Buy in […]

Where to Buy Organic Maternity Wear in Bulk

All mothers know the nightmare that is maternity-wear shopping. There are plenty of baby shops out there, but they tend to cater mostly to the baby. While that is fine, mom needs some TLC too. They are tired of the oversized Quaker dresses and the paneled mom jeans that can’t even hold themselves up. They […]

Women Corsets: 3 Reasons to Buy Them Wholesale Than Retail

Let’s talk corsets, shall we? We all just experienced a collective cringe at the mere mention of the word. We have all heard the horror stories from grandmothers for years, but today, the corset has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts and is no longer the torture devices of old.  A Brief History Corsets have been […]

Top Distributors of 100% Cotton Throw Blankets in Miami

In every corner of Miami, there is a cotton throw distributor. However, not every distributor delivers the best quality products with ease of ordering and at valuable costs. So when you are shopping for your wholesale product, don’t just look at what comes up first – look for Tekkell. If comfort is the only guide […]

Where to Purchase Women’s Form-Fitting Underwear in Bulk

When it is time for you to stock your shop, you want variety, style, and quality. The style today is shape wear, more commonly known as form fitting undergarments. Deciding who to buy from can be a daunting task. The more you know about the product, the better armed you are to choose a supplier. […]