Wholesale Women’s Leggings and Import Prices
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Wholesale Women’s Leggings and Import Prices


Here at Tekkell, we speak the language of fashion. Whether you call them leggings, spanks, shapewear, or even knickers, we have the wholesale women’s leggings you need for your inventory.

Women’s Leggings for all SeasonsWholesale Women’s Leggings and import Prices

Women’s leggings have been around throughout many fashion trends. They saw the 80’s come and go and are still holding their own today. Now they are found in every season’s lineup.

Summer is a great time for our women’s Urbamboo Capri leggings. Worn with a fun, long waist top, they are cool and comfortable.

Once winter rolls around, our Urbamboo seamless tights leggings are popular insulating undergarments, providing an extra layer of warmth.

Women’s Urbamboo Leggings and More Undergarments

We carry the Urbamboo line of shapewear. Urbamboo leggings are made from a blend of 10% elastane and 90% polyamide derived from the bamboo plant making them extremely supportive. The bamboo fibers retain their shape better than Lycra or spandex giving the garment a longer life.

Our original women’s leggings are made from a solid piece of fabric, resulting in the seamless comfort that is in demand. This eliminates chafing or irritation which makes these the leggings of choice for customers with sensitive skin.

Urbamboo leggings are available in medium and large sizes, and blue, black, and gray color choices.

Private Label Women’s Leggings

You can up your game and profits with our white label option. Add your own brand to your wholesale women’s leggings order for increased brand awareness. When your customers are ready for more, your name will be the one they remember.

All of our items are in stock and ship from our Miami warehouse to you in around two weeks. Please allow a bit more time for custom orders.

Wholesale Women’s Leggings and Import Prices

Here at Tekkell, we believe in loyalty. That is why we deal exclusively with Urbamboo for our shapewear and women’s leggings. By forming this partnership, we are able to obtain the lowest import pricing and in turn, keep your wholesale prices the lowest available.

With just a low minimum order, you can fill your inventory with our quality women’s leggings and see a profit as well.

How to Buy Wholesale Women’s Leggings from Tekkell

When you call us at 305-767-4249, you are calling the top wholesale distributors of women’s leggings in South Florida. We have a full team of consulting experts ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. Together, we can craft the perfect order for your business.

We explain the private label process and help you increase your sales. We also offer marketing advice and help you decide on just the right amount.

You will always be happy with your order. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that if anything is wrong, you can return your order for replacement or a refund, no questions asked.

Contact us today to stock up on the best women’s leggings in the industry.