Buying Handkerchiefs for Business Professionals
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Buying Handkerchiefs for Business Professionals


Tekkell is the leading South Florida distributor of handkerchiefs for business professionals. Our Shawlbliss handkerchiefs are at home in a boardroom as well as a dining room.

Quality Satin Handkerchiefs at Affordable PricesBuying Handkerchiefs for Business Professionals

For any professional, quality is a must. Presentation applies to the person as much as the pitch. Our handkerchiefs are made of 100% natural satin and are fade resistant.

Stylish Handkerchiefs That Look Great With Suits

Today, professionals are looking for more than the same white pocket square. The trends are moving to a more colorful means of expression and Tekkell has the handkerchiefs to suit the demand. All of our handkerchief designs are patented to us and cannot be purchased anywhere else. We are updating the collection designs on a regular basis so you can keep your inventory fresh.

Versatile Handkerchiefs for Formal and Casual Wear

Most business professionals are on the go all day. Through morning coffee with co-workers, working lunch dates, and business dinners with potential clients, our handkerchiefs will hold their shape and appeal.

Not just to be kept hidden away, these 12” x 12” handkerchiefs are the perfect size to be brought out when the boardroom gets too warm. After a discreet dab, they refold to hide the sweat, tucking stylishly back in your pocket once again.

Handkerchief Care Made Easy

Our satin handkerchiefs are as practical as they are attractive. Wash on a delicate setting and dry on low heat, or lay flat to air-dry. The fade-resistant designs will look as fresh as they did when new.

Affordable Multi-pack Handkerchiefs

Tekkell offers our Shawlbliss handkerchiefs in convenient three packs, or for a wider variety, choose the five pack. We make it easy to fit all your customer’s needs.

Handkerchiefs Make Thoughtful Gifts for Any Occasion

Every year at any gift-giving time, the question of what to give the professional in your life comes up. Our satin handkerchiefs make the perfect gift for the stylish businessman who seems to have it all.

Handkerchiefs for Professional Women

Let’s not forget the professional businesswoman. Our handkerchiefs come in a variety of pastels and solids to compliment the stylish pantsuits of today.

Create Your Handkerchiefs

Take advantage of our white label handkerchiefs and design your own. Add your logo and your own label and you have a unique handkerchief your customers cannot buy anywhere else.

Quality Guaranteed with Tekkell Handkerchiefs

Tekkell is based in Miami Florida and we bring the world to you. We handle all of the sourcing and manufacturing, allowing us to stand behind the products we distribute. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is a problem with your order, we will take care of it or replace it.

Move Forward with Ordering Your Wholesale Handkerchiefs

Tekkell makes the ordering process simple. Call 305-767-4249 to talk to our consultants. Our experts will answer all your questions. If you are designing your own handkerchiefs, simply upload a clear image. We will send you a photo of the finished item for approval before shipment.

Contact us today and let us handle your wholesale handkerchief order. You will see the difference Tekkell can make.