Best Throw Blankets And Mats For Your Dog
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Wholesale Maternity Underwear from South Florida Distributor
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Best Throw Blankets And Mats For Your Dog

Tekkell’s Lushrobe throw blankets are loved by everyone, but there is one market that is frequently overlooked. Your dog loves our Lushrobe throw blankets too.

Dogs Need Throw Blankets TooBest Throw Blankets and Mats for Your Dog

Your dog gives you unconditional love every day, only to get shooed away when he tries to lay under your throw blanket with you. This need not occur anymore when you give him his own 100% Turkish cotton Lushrobe throw blanket.

Pet Parents Love Throw Blankets

All pet parents want to spoil their beloved pets. A Lushrobe peshtemal throw blanket is the perfect way to do just that. Line Fido’s bed with his own Lushrobe mat and he will stay off the couch for good.

A Throw Blanket for After Bath

Dogs love nothing more than to roll around on a fresh throw blanket after a bath. Our Lushrobe peshtemal throw blankets dry more quickly than traditional blankets, making them the perfect after-bath treat with no mess.

Travel Ready Throw Blankets

While some dogs are always ready to ride, others need a bit of coaxing. Lushrobe throw blankets are excellent for traveling. The unique long-loop manufacturing gives these throw blankets more surface area without being bulky. It is easy to transfer Fluffy’s favorite blanket to the car to soothe her during a long ride.

Throw Blankets for a Cold Winter Night

Your dog spends most of his time on the floor, the hardest area of your home to heat. Lushrobe throw blankets are double-layered for added warmth, protecting your dog from the chill of the floor.

100% Turkish Cotton Throw Blankets

All of our Lushrobe throw blankets are 100% Turkish cotton. Peshtemal is the softest cotton available and only becomes softer with washing.

Best Throw Blankets and Mats for Pet Parlors

High-end pet parlors will appreciate our Lushrobe throw blankets. Cold grooming tables become more inviting when covered with a unique throw blanket.

Fun Throw Blanket Designs

Dogs may only be able to see in black and white, but their owners will appreciate the colorful choices. No more mixing up blankets on washday and giving the dog the kid’s favorite blanket.

White Label Throw Blankets

Pet parents, parlors, and boutiques alike will love our white label throw blankets. Upload a picture, design, or logo to our website, and let the magic happen.

The perfect way to increase pet parlor brand recognition, have these throw blankets available for sale at the counter.

Tekkell for Your Wholesale Throw Blankets

Here at Tekkell, we love our pets as much as you do. When you are looking for the perfect item to stock for pet lovers, let us be your wholesale throw blanket distributor.

We offer a low minimum order and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your order for any reason, we will correct it or replace it.

Contact us today to speak with our expert consultants. Call 305-767-4249 or visit our website.

We can build your bulk throw blanket order and have it shipped in around two weeks.