Women Corsets: 3 Reasons to Buy Them Wholesale Than Retail
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Women Corsets: 3 Reasons to Buy Them Wholesale Than Retail

Let’s talk corsets, shall we? We all just experienced a collective cringe at the mere mention of the word. We have all heard the horror stories from grandmothers for years, but today, the corset has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts and is no longer the torture devices of old. 

A Brief History

Corsets have been a staple in the fashion scene for centuries. In the late 16th century, corsets were used to force the female body into the classic hourglass figure that was the standard of the day. Made from stiffened fabric and braced with whalebone, the early corset did not allow for freedom of motion or hardly breathing for that matter. With upward of 40 laces, all pulled as tightly as could be withstood.

This practice resulted in many health issues. The constriction of the rib cage also prevented the lungs from functioning properly. This was the main cause of fainting from oxygen deprivation, and also this was the leading factor of pneumonia and other lung diseases. The corset endured, however, until the 1920’s when the fashion industry began to cater to the free spirited.

Today’s Corset

With time, we have learned how to overcome the problems of the former styles. Today, the corset is more comfortable and safer to wear than ever before. Finding its way back into women’s favor, a corset is slimming and supportive. They are not all created equal though. While they have grown, it is still a trial and error process. Certain fabrics work better than others, some styles support more, and by listening to women’s feedback, Tekkell has designed a corset we all adore.

Why Buy Wholesale?

Stocking these amazing corsets for your discriminating customers has been made easy by Tekkell. Buying wholesale has so many benefits over buying retail. Here are just a few.

  1. Pricing

Buying retail then marking up will cost you more in the long run. You are paying someone else’s markup price, giving them the profit. After you add your markup, your customers will shy away from the higher prices, costing you sales. Wholesale buying let’s you stock up on an item and gives you a better price per unit the more you buy. This allows you to save money and offer customers competitive pricing.

  1. Quality

You cannot always be sure of what you are buying. Not all retailers will carry the best products, or can tell you where their products originate. They get a deal buying in bulk, add their retail price, and you, the buyer pays in the end with low-quality items.

  1. Trusted Partners

When you find a wholesaler that takes pride in their products, you are assured that they will take pride in your success as well. Offering not just quality products, an excellent partner will give superior customer service, making buying easy and profitable to you.

Shop With Tekkell Today

Tekkell knows that shape wear demands the proper material. Fabrics like Lycra or even Spandex may look cute but these fabrics do not retain their shape for very long. Tekkell’s line of Urbamboo holds up under everyday wear and keeps its form longer than any other material.

To see Tekkell’s line of Urbamboo shape wear, visit our website or call (305) 767-4249 and talk to an expert consultant. You could be increasing your sales today when you choose to buy in bulk from Tekkell.