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Wholesale Tote Bags With No Minimum Order

How to Custom Order Promotional Tote Bags for Hotels and Spas

Tekkell provides promotional tote bags for your spa or hotel. A reusable bag with your logo, filled with those same samples would make a more lasting impact than the traditional paper bags. Your client goes home with your logo on their arm, and once the products have been used, they still have the tote bag […]

How to Order Custom Tote Bags Online in Bulk

Tekkell supplies reusable tote bags that can be used for everything from grocery shopping to carrying everyday items. Tekkell’s Ecolusive line of tote bags can give your business a chance to increase sales while creating marketing opportunities. Beyond these business benefits, Ecolusive tote bags are friendly to the environment. Tekkell can assist you with your bulk order of custom tote bags, and you will be […]

The Perfect Custom Tote Bags for any Department Store

Offer your department store customers quality tote bags with help from Tekkell. Tekkell’s tote bags are spacious and durable, allowing your customers to use them for shopping trips, days at the beach, picnics and walking around campus. Increase your profits by offering premium Tekkell tote bags at affordable prices. Your store can be proud to […]