The Perfect Custom Tote Bags for any Department Store
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The Perfect Custom Tote Bags for any Department Store

Offer your department store customers quality tote bags with help from Tekkell. Tekkell’s tote bags are spacious and durable, allowing your customers to use them for shopping trips, days at the beach, picnics and walking around campus. Increase your profits by offering premium Tekkell tote bags at affordable prices.

Your store can be proud to carry Tekkell’s Ecolusive brand of tote bags. This brand is eco-friendly using a chemical-free manufacturing process, and 33% less ink in printing. These are the perfect tote bags for your store at a time when caring for the earth has become so important. Your customers will appreciate your thoughtful approach to a greener tomorrow.The Perfect Custom Tote Bags for any Department Store

Sturdy Tote Bags from Tekkell

Tekkell tote bags are versatile enough for a trip to the gym or walk in the park. Based in Miami, Florida, Tekkell offers plenty of tropical style prints that are suitable for the beach, but we also have a wide variety of designs that are perfect for any other day. Everyone from kids in school to moms on the go can use a Tekkell tote bag.

Custom tote bags from Tekkell also offer a great marketing opportunity for your business. Civic groups and local businesses are increasing their brand recognition with customized tote bags.

We offer these bags in varying sizes. Tekkell has standard sizes from a small 10”H x 9”W x 5”D to our extra large measuring 17”H x 19”W x 10”D and everything in between. Now for the best part: if you still don’t find a size to suit your needs, Tekkell will design your tote bags in any size you desire.

Quality Tote Bags for Department Stores

Many department stores are growing their profits by adding Ecolusive tote bags to several different departments. Tekkell makes it simple to order customizable tote bags in bulk. You can opt for the white label bags and have your store logo added to make an exquisite impact on customers.

Promotional Tote Bags for Department Stores

As Tekkell tote bags start finding their way into customers hands, your brand is spread wherever the customer carries the bag. This type of advertising can reach more people than a sales paper that usually only reaches the garbage. Your department store can attract more customers and generate more sales with tote bag promotions.

Promoting the reusable bag is easy when pairing the smaller bags with the cosmetics department, or the larger sizes at the registers as a multi-purpose, reusable shopping bag.

Pair these cotton tote bags in the sporting goods area and display full of fitness equipment to demonstrate the space and durability of the bag.

In the fashion department, fill a mid-size tote bag with seasonal accessories such as gloves, scarves, in the winter and beach items in summer.
The beauty department will not be forgotten when you fill an Ecolusive bag with soaps, scrubbies, body sprays, and scented candles for the ultimate spa gift bag.

Tekkell wants to be your source for all your tote bag needs. You simply choose your size, color, design, bulk order size. Tekkell takes pride in each order, and we will be happy to answer your questions about tote bags or other products. Give us a call today 305-767-4249 or contact us online to stock your department in your store with fashionable, quality tote bags.