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Custom Wholesale Tote Bags for Universities

Custom toto bagsBusiness research informs us that swag is important to a brand. Researchers indicate that it is a key piece of a thoughtful brand strategy. A university and its alumni association must think about what to manufacture for brand promotion. Promotional swag is any item with your university logo used to promote your school.

While it may seem that universities have always had products to promote their institutions and foster pride in them, it is more than just a nice tradition. It is a vital part of good business strategy that brings together the loyalty and camaraderie of students, alumni, parents and friends with the administration and employees. Positive feelings are generated by this camaraderie of loyalties to create a strong foundation for an over-arching business strategy.

The Custom Wholesale Tote Bag

So the type of swag a university and its corollary organizations choose is a significant thing. Swag is such a heavy hitter in the marketing strategy of a university, because each item needs to be powerful. With the Tekkell promotional tote bag, your university can have the essence of excellent swag in one top quality, fashionable and purposeful item. At events and conferences, attendees will continuously proclaim their enthusiasm and loyalty for their alma mater as they go about their activities.

As the custom wholesale tote is carried on the attendee’s arm, it will be speaking about the fine quality of Tekkell’s superior craftsmanship and reinforcing the message about the quality of your institution that has selected such a deluxe tote bag. When an item is so significant to the message of the university, it must be chosen with excellence of design and manufacturing in mind. The Tekkell custom wholesale tote bag is one to be carried with pride.

The Ecolusive Custom Wholesale Tote Bag—The Superior Choice for Universities

The Tekkell Ecolusive brand of totes is the smart choice for universities. The Ecolusive line by Tekkell is crafted of 100% cotton material. Tekkell uses a green technology in the manufacturing process that eliminates chemicals. The design process is environmentally conscious, too, and uses about a third less ink than is commonly used in similar graphics procedures. This is important to so many ecologically conscious consumers today and just makes for a good practice when considering the purchase of swag. The eco-friendly totes can be custom made in an array of colors, sizes and patterns and of course, featuring the university logo and other graphic elements.
Tekkell makes the top-notch totes at their own plant in Turkey. They combine their European craftsmanship with the fashion sense of Miami where the bags are designed. The Ecolusive tote bag is totally customizable. Just provide a high-resolution image file of the university artwork to begin working with Tekkell’s designers to create your custom tote bag. Your line of bags may also include your own private label.

Tekkell will supply your university’s custom wholesale tote bags at a discount for a minimum unit order. Contact us online, or call us directly at 305-767-4249.