Ordering Wholesale Cotton Throw Blankets: A Beginner’s Guide!
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The Pros and Cons of Custom Peshtemal Towels

Ordering Wholesale Cotton Throw Blankets: A Beginner’s Guide!

From the time we were babies, we’ve craved the comfort of a cozy, soft, warm blanket. As adults, however, we tend to follow trends and style fads and often end up disappointed because they lead us to scratchy blankets that nobody wants to touch.

The lesson to be learned is that not all cotton is the same. Always let your inner-child lead you when it comes to buying blankets, and yes, this even applies to wholesale bulk buying.

Here are a few facts and tips for your inner-child to take to heart.Ordering Wholesale Cotton Throw Blankets A Beginners Guide

Know the Material

Just because a blanket says it is 100% cotton, you should still ask what kind of cotton. There is a multitude of cotton blends. Some are a polyester blend, and some are just mystery blends that do not specify. These are the scratchy blankets. The introduction of the human-made, synthetic materials makes them stiff, and no amount of fabric softener will help. It is just best to avoid the blended cotton fabrics if you want the softest blanket.

Peshtemal is made of 100% Turkish cotton, which is the material you want. The unique feature of Turkish cotton material is the technique of weaving with long strands and looping. The fewer loops contribute to the luxurious softness. Peshtemal starts soft and gets softer over time. Your inner-child is pleased.

Know Your Peshtemal

Unfortunately, not all peshtemal is the same. As Turkish cotton grows in popularity, so does imitation peshtemal. When you are investing in wholesale cotton throw blankets, you don’t want to receive your order only to find you were sold a poor quality imitation. Tekkell only sources the best 100% Turkish cotton. Our Lushrobe brand is the highest quality Turkish cotton you can buy.

The Lushrobe line offers a double weave throw blanket that is perfect for curling up on a winter’s night. The loose weave keeps the blankets lightweight yet warm. There is also a single weave for a blanket just right to ward off a chill. They are also versatile enough for beach blankets, picnic blankets, and for travel.

Lushrobe also offers a white label line so you can personalize your throw blankets any way you wish. Choose from rectangle or round, and then add your own graphics or logo. Anything goes with Tekkell.

Know Your Cotton Throw Blanket Supplier

Don’t get duped by a shady supplier. Choose a reputable wholesaler. When you are ready to order your wholesale cotton throw blankets, trust Tekkell. When you call, we will connect you with a professional consultant that will help you with every aspect of your bulk order.

Tekkell’s 100% satisfaction guarantee is your assurance of quality. We stand behind every order to make sure you are happy with your wholesale cotton throw blanket order.

With a low minimum order, we are able to offer you the best bulk prices, meaning a better bottom line for you.

Why not get started now by calling 305-767-4249 or drop by our website and let us fill your wholesale cotton throw blanket order today.