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Order Premium Turkish Cotton Beach Towels in Bulk

Order Premium Turkish Cotton Beach Towels in Bulk

  Now that warm weather is back, we have all your beach towel needs covered here at Tekkell. Our supply of Lushrobe Turkish cotton beach towels is fully stocked and we are ready to fill your order. Luxurious 100% Cotton Towels for Hotels The most popular hotels during the warm months are the ones at […]

How to Shop Luxury Throw Blankets in Bulk |

How to Shop Luxury Throw Blankets in Bulk |

When you are ready to shop for luxury throw blankets in bulk, look no farther than Tekkell. We carry the best peshtemal throw blankets you can find. There are a few points you need to keep in mind when shopping. Let us explain these points. Buy Genuine Peshtemal Luxury Throw Blankets A casual search online […]

100% Cotton Throw Blankets at Unbeatable Prices

100% Cotton Throw Blankets at Unbeatable Prices

The throw blanket has a reputation as a cold weather item, but here at Tekkell, we know these cozy accessories are versatile enough for every season. Let us show you how our 100% Turkish cotton throw blankets can be one of your best sellers no matter the weather. Peshtemal Cotton That Gets Softer After Each […]

Top Supplier of Custom Towels for Hotels and Spas

Tekkell knows what goes into providing high-quality towels because we are surrounded by the beaches, pools and spas of Miami, Florida. Hotel patrons need a towel that is versatile enough to go from the shower to the beach, while spa-goers want a soft, luxurious towel to complement the pampering. Tekkell’s premium towels are the solution. […]

Buy Organic Bamboo Throw Blankets in Bulk

8 Reasons Why Throw Blankets are Perfect Party Favors

Tekkell can supply you with throw blankets to use as favors for your next big party. Throw blankets are perfect party favors because the memory of the occasion will be connected to a product that gets daily use. There are so many occasions that present an excellent opportunity for blankets. Tekkell can help you with […]

Ordering Wholesale Cotton Throw Blankets A Beginners Guide

Ordering Wholesale Cotton Throw Blankets: A Beginner’s Guide!

From the time we were babies, we’ve craved the comfort of a cozy, soft, warm blanket. As adults, however, we tend to follow trends and style fads and often end up disappointed because they lead us to scratchy blankets that nobody wants to touch. The lesson to be learned is that not all cotton is […]

Handmade Throw Blankets For Sale |

Where Can I Purchase 100% Cotton Throw Blankets in Bulk?

Lushrobe 100% cotton has any different uses. Plus it is the perfect throw blanket for all seasons. When you first experience the maximum solace of a dual tier array that has the identical alike motif, you will be hooked. The only difference is that the colors are not the same, notable on both sides of […]