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These organic towels from Tekkell, a South Florida-based supplier of wholesale cotton towels, beach blankets, and bath goods of all kinds. These organic wholesale towels are perfect for hotels, spas, pools and clubs.

Wholesale Organic Cotton Towels For Hotels and Spas

Vacation season is upon us. Here at Tekkell, we are ready with a full array of 100% organic cotton towels. We are based in Miami, Florida and know exactly what makes a towel worthy of beachfront hotels and spas. Why Tekkell’s Cotton Towels are Ideal for Hotels A day in the life of a towel […]

How to Shop Luxury Throw Blankets in Bulk |

How to Shop Luxury Throw Blankets in Bulk |

When you are ready to shop for luxury throw blankets in bulk, look no farther than Tekkell. We carry the best peshtemal throw blankets you can find. There are a few points you need to keep in mind when shopping. Let us explain these points. Buy Genuine Peshtemal Luxury Throw Blankets A casual search online […]

Top Supplier of Custom Towels for Hotels and Spas

Tekkell knows what goes into providing high-quality towels because we are surrounded by the beaches, pools and spas of Miami, Florida. Hotel patrons need a towel that is versatile enough to go from the shower to the beach, while spa-goers want a soft, luxurious towel to complement the pampering. Tekkell’s premium towels are the solution. […]

The Pros and Cons of Custom Peshtemal Towels

The Pros and Cons of Custom Peshtemal Towels

Peshtemal towels have been around for centuries. Today you can experience the same luxury the Turkish high-society enjoyed, as true Peshtemal Turkish cotton is made the same way now as it was then. Of course, you can find cheap imitations or just poorly made towels as with any other bulk luxury items. True peshtemal towels are […]

7 Reasons to Buy Custom Peshtemal Towels

6 Reasons to Buy Custom Peshtemal Towels

Peshtemal Turkish towels have a long, rich tradition, and it is easy to see why. The use of these traditional towels dates back for centuries, and they are now undergoing a renaissance as spas and hotels are beginning to recognize their many benefits. There are many reasons why you should use custom peshtemal towels in […]

Top Wholesale Bath Towels Supplier in Miami, Florida

Silly Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Peshtemal Towels Online

Search for peshtemal towels wholesale online, and you will uncover over 80,000 results. The chances are that you will only have the patience to wade through the first 65,000 or so, but most will just browse the first two or three pages, which can get you into trouble. Do not make these silly mistakes when […]

Turkish Cotton Beach Towels For Sale at Wholesale Prices

Wholesale Towels for Your Hotel in Miami: Where to Buy in Bulk

When people go on vacation, they will spoil themselves in ways they never would at home. This means going to the best restaurants and staying at the best hotels. Believe it or not, people will rate an establishment based on the little things like mini-bars and towels. While we can’t help you keep the mini-bars […]

Turkish Cotton Beach Towels For Sale at Wholesale Prices

5 Reasons to Purchase Organic Cotton Towels at Wholesale Prices

When starting your business, or even in building an established one, you are eventually going to look into wholesale products. Having good quality inventory in your business is a great way to get established. When purchasing, there are many factors to consider for your guest or consumer. Here are five reasons to consider purchasing organic […]

Manufacturer of Wholesale Personalized Beach Towels

If you’re looking for personalized beach towels to supply or sell, there’s a manufacturer in Miami, Florida with the most efficient, wholesale solutions for you. Custom products for your business might sound expensive at scale, but Tekkell is a company that specializes in providing high-quality organic towels at affordable prices. They’re able to minimize the […]

Top Wholesale Bath Towels Supplier in Miami, Florida

Wholesale Custom Peshtemal Towels: The Ultimate Purchasing Guide

If you are in search of a reliable wholesale supplier of custom peshtemal towels, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. What is Peshtemal? Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel that has been used in Turkish baths for centuries. It is sometimes called a hamam towel, after the baths themselves. The pattern […]