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Ordering Wholesale Cotton Throw Blankets A Beginners Guide

Wholesale Supplier of Turkish Cotton Throw Blankets

Nothing says comfort quite like a cozy Turkish cotton throw blanket. Tekkell is your South Florida wholesale supplier for all your throw blanket needs. The Best Wholesale Turkish Cotton Throw Blankets When you decide to buy wholesale throw blankets, you want value and quality. Here at Tekkell, we offer you the highest quality Turkish cotton […]

These organic towels from Tekkell, a South Florida-based supplier of wholesale cotton towels, beach blankets, and bath goods of all kinds. These organic wholesale towels are perfect for hotels, spas, pools and clubs.

Wholesale Turkish Cotton Towels in South Florida

When you buy Wholesale Turkish cotton towels for your hotel or spa, you want to buy from someone who really knows their towels. That is who we are here at Tekkell. We operate in beautiful Miami, Florida. Being surrounded by beaches, hotels, spas, and resorts, we know a thing or two about what our clients […]

South Florida’s Wholesale Supplier for Men’s Handkerchiefs

Tekkell offers you a chance to supply your retail store with quality men’s handkerchiefs. Located in Miami, South Florida, Tekkell can provide you with fashionable men’s handkerchiefs for formal and casual occasions. Stock your store with Tekkell’s Shawlbliss line of men’s handkerchiefs to potentially increase profits. Stylish Men’s Handkerchiefs from Shawlbliss Tekkell’s Shawlbliss handkerchiefs come […]

Buy Organic Bamboo Throw Blankets in Bulk

8 Reasons Why Throw Blankets are Perfect Party Favors

Tekkell can supply you with throw blankets to use as favors for your next big party. Throw blankets are perfect party favors because the memory of the occasion will be connected to a product that gets daily use. There are so many occasions that present an excellent opportunity for blankets. Tekkell can help you with […]

The Pros and Cons of Custom Peshtemal Towels

The Pros and Cons of Custom Peshtemal Towels

Peshtemal towels have been around for centuries. Today you can experience the same luxury the Turkish high-society enjoyed, as true Peshtemal Turkish cotton is made the same way now as it was then. Of course, you can find cheap imitations or just poorly made towels as with any other bulk luxury items. True peshtemal towels are […]