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Oversized Throw Blankets For Sale at Wholesale Prices

A solid staple in the home has always been the throw blanket. Here at Tekkell, we have the finest peshtemal throw blankets for every occasion. 100% Turkish Cotton Throw Blankets Our oversized throw blankets are hand woven with the finest Turkish cotton to create the softest blankets you can purchase. Our Lushrobe throw blankets are […]

Ordering Wholesale Cotton Throw Blankets A Beginners Guide

Wholesale Supplier of Turkish Cotton Throw Blankets

Nothing says comfort quite like a cozy Turkish cotton throw blanket. Tekkell is your South Florida wholesale supplier for all your throw blanket needs. The Best Wholesale Turkish Cotton Throw Blankets When you decide to buy wholesale throw blankets, you want value and quality. Here at Tekkell, we offer you the highest quality Turkish cotton […]

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High-Quality Wholesale Throw Blankets for Retailers

When we create high-quality throw blankets, we don’t cut corners or settle for second-rate materials. We are Tekkell and we have built our reputation on providing the best quality wholesale throw blankets in the business. How Can You Tell if You are Getting a Superior Throw Blanket? There are many retailers who have had a […]

Buy Organic Bamboo Throw Blankets in Bulk

Buy Organic Bamboo Throw Blankets in Bulk

High Quality Throw Blankets for Retailers No one can resist a warm, soft throw blanket, and here at Tekkell, we know that better than anyone. That’s why we carry Lushrobe 100% pure Turkish cotton throw blankets. The Luxury of Peshtemal Throw Blankets Peshtemal has long been considered the softest cotton in the world and we […]

Buy Organic Bamboo Throw Blankets in Bulk

Luxury Throw Blankets Made From 100% Turkish Cotton

For many years, Tekkell has searched for the softest, warmest throw blankets, and we have found them. Let us introduce you to our Lushrobe line of 100% Turkish cotton throw blankets. Our Throw Blankets are Made From 100% Pure Turkish Cotton Peshtemal is the name of the material made from Turkish cotton, and we source […]

Buy Organic Bamboo Throw Blankets in Bulk

8 Reasons Why Throw Blankets are Perfect Party Favors

Tekkell can supply you with throw blankets to use as favors for your next big party. Throw blankets are perfect party favors because the memory of the occasion will be connected to a product that gets daily use. There are so many occasions that present an excellent opportunity for blankets. Tekkell can help you with […]

15 Surprising Stats About Tekkell’s Throw Blankets

The winter wind is howling, the fire is crackling, and right by your side is a warm, soft, throw blanket to snuggle under. What could be cozier? One of the beautiful peshtemal throw blankets from Tekkell would make you the coziest you have ever been. People do not give much thought to blankets, but they […]

Throw Blankets: Wholesale Distributor Of The Best Quality From Miami

Who can resist a cozy throw blanket on a chilly night? Is there anything better than cuddling up in a comfy chair by the fire, with a good book and your favorite blanket? Yes. Yes, there is. When you are reaching for the cocoa, make the better choice and reach for a luxurious Turkish throw […]

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Where Can I Purchase 100% Cotton Throw Blankets in Bulk?

Lushrobe 100% cotton has any different uses. Plus it is the perfect throw blanket for all seasons. When you first experience the maximum solace of a dual tier array that has the identical alike motif, you will be hooked. The only difference is that the colors are not the same, notable on both sides of […]