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Organic Cotton Scarves at Wholesale Prices

Organic Cotton Scarves at Wholesale Prices

Tekkell features four major brands: Urbamboo, Lushrobe, Ecolusive, and Shawlbliss. Tekkell works with suppliers to brand, market, distribute, and manufacture luxury products. Tekkell is the central creative force behind the creation, design, and outsourcing of their items. The items include personalized scarves, towels, shawls, and handkerchiefs. All of the products are from Turkey, and are […]

Premium Shawls and Scarves at Wholesale Prices

Tekkell is known for staying on top of fashion trends, and our Shawlbliss line of all season shawls and scarves are ready for anything. We would like to invite you to take a closer look. 100% Pashmina Scarves and Shawls Our handwoven Pashmina shawls and scarves are sourced directly from the manufacturer in Turkey. Made […]

Get Ready for Fall & Winter With The Perfect Shawls & Scarves

Order Quality Scarves from a Reliable South Florida Manufacturer

You see them everywhere these days, from the streets to the runway. Scarves are the hottest fashion trend. How can you profit from this trend as a boutique owner? Call Tekkell. We can get you in on the craze and improve your bottom line in the process. Who is Tekkell? We are an established wholesaler, […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Buying Wholesale Fashion Scarves

Fashion seems to change daily, but the one article that has the most staying power is the scarf. From the early days of silk and chiffon to the styles of today, the scarf is the staple of fashion. Everybody has at least one, and they are one of the most popular year-round accessory purchases. Your […]

Order Your Own Custom Scarves & Shawls In Bulk From Miami

In recent years, we have seen resurgence in the popularity of scarves and shawls, two accessories we had once delegated to winter wear. While there is nothing quite as comforting as a fat, warm scarf when the icy winds blow, the scarves and shawls of today are lighter, breezier, and more colorful than ever before. […]

4 Items that Retailers Should Stock up This Fall in South Florida

Wholesale Shawl and Scarf Manufacturers in the USA

Tekkell, which is an American corporation that strives to manufacture high-quality lines of shawl and scarf which are extremely appealing and can be worn year round. The scarves come in an assortment of bright colorful solid and printed designs for every outfit. Some of the top best sellers and must have shawls and scarves are […]