6 Reasons Why Your Group Needs Custom Tote Bags
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6 Reasons Why Your Group Needs Custom Tote Bags

6 Reasons Why Your Group Needs Custom Tote BagsYou are a member of a youth group or perhaps a women’s group, and you do great things throughout your community. You clean up highways; you read to children at the library, you even visit shut-ins around your town. The problem is that people forget your group’s name shortly after you have gone. They don’t have a trinket to remember you. What can you do to leave an impression? How about leaving them with a customized tote bag?

If you think ordering tote bags wholesale is too much of a hassle, here are six reasons why you should reconsider.

1. Recognition

You want your group to be recognized for all the hard work you do. Having something with your name or logo on it will help people remember you. Custom tote bags proudly display your name everywhere you go.

2. Helping Hands

As you go about your community work, carry your tools with you in one of your personalized bags. Planting and weeding public flower beds will be more comfortable with gloves, bags, hand rakes, and shovels all by your side. When you buy with Tekkell, you can choose an Ecolusive bag size to suit your every need, or design a size of your own.

3. Giving

The holidays are the best time to spread joy as well as your name. When visiting the shut-ins or homeless, why not buy small gifts to take with you. To make your gesture more memorable for the holidays, choose a personalized, holiday-themed logo bag instead of paper gift bags.

4. Fund Raising

Every school in America has sold candy and candles in their community for decades. Break out of the mold. Stock up on your eco-friendly Ecolusive bags and start raising money. Most candy sales are a simple gesture of support for the organization. When you sell your custom bags, people will buy more than one. They become gifts for others or just extras for themselves. The idea is to promote the functionality of your tote bag. They are earth-friendly, reusable, and biodegradable. Now there is a fundraiser we can all get behind, and you are promoting your group at the same time.

5. Shopping Made Fun

Taking your personalized bags shopping instead of using the store’s plastic bags, or even their brand reusable bags will get your group noticed. Getting noticed can raise awareness, and if they are interested, they will strike up a conversation. Once they ask where you got your bag, tell them about your group.

6. Encourage Membership

Use your customized bags as a gift to new members of your group. Fill one with a shirt, pamphlets, a welcome button, and perhaps a few sweets thrown in for fun.

Visit our website or call us (305) 767-4249 and talk to one of our expert consultants and begin designing your group’s custom tote bag. We make it easy to order online. Our wide variety of colors, sizes, and design combinations will delight you, but the option of designing your own white label bag allows your creativity to run free. Call today and get your group the recognition it deserves.